We began our journey at Borough Market in 2002 with our straight from the barrel, I WILL REFILL wine on tap concept. Our business was good for the environment and highly accessible for customers.

We were one of the first to champion smaller, independent producers for the U.K. market, offering unique and interesting wines with real provenance. Many are certified organic and vegan, with ‘natural’ and biodynamic wines featuring heavily. All of these approaches are underpinned by a real commitment to sustainability, which we believe is the key factor in determining what makes great wine.

Since then a lot of wine has flowed under the bridge, and we have continued to be at the forefront of change in the drinks industry. Always looking to innovate, we have devised SustainableWineSolutions as the go to service provider for the trade’s sustainable wine needs. We invested in a new bottling and kegging facility in Greenwich Peninsula, allowing us to go full circle in the bottling process and fully embrace the circular economy.

We have also invested in people, bringing in experts in the bottling process and operations to ensure watertight quality control every step of the way. By leveraging the benefits of big scale technology on a boutique scale we are able to improve all aspects of supply, covering margins, quality, service and choice.