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Domaine des Tourelles – “the most seductive winery”

Hello wine friends,
We hope you are all safe and well, during this crazy moment in history. If, like us, you are having regular daydreams of travelling, then you might also be finding that a great way to travel from home is through food & wine. Therefore, here at Borough Wines, we would like to take you on a journey by introducing you to some of our amazing new wineries. This week let’s travel to “the most seductive winery” in Lebanon so described by the Financial Times: Domaine des Tourelles

We are in Bekaa, the Western part of Lebanon; where history, elegance and sustainability are all found in one of the highest altitude vineyards in the whole of the northern hemisphere. At 3,280 feet above sea level and with 240 sunny days per year, there is a serious impact on the quality of the wines. These conditions really help the winemakers to fully embrace organic viticulture. 

love story domaines de tourelles borough wines

Matching with Borough Wines’s ethos to go green and be more sustainable, ecological caring and social responsibility are very important values at Domaine des Tourelles. For instance, they have a strong recycling policy by collecting their own used bottles and reprocessing them in the production cycle. This is an expensive, but vital effort made by the vineyard, especially because Lebanon has no recycling capabilities available. Also the Brun were originally a farmer’s family, with roots strongly tied to Nature and Earth, and their way of making wine is wild-fermented. This means the wine is using only native yeasts that are found on the fruit and in the vineyard.

What do you mean? Doesn’t everyone use natural yeast? In the last century actually no, it is easier to use commercial yeast, because it’s more secure and also promises winemakers a much clearer route to their goal, rather than relying on grapes alone. However, yeast are a big part of a wine’s terroir, which is one of the reason we love it and we love these wines!

We have selected 5 different wines from Domaine des Tourelles, which you can buy individually and which are also available all to try some of our mixed cases options:

  1. Domaine des Tourelles Rosé is marked by a lovely freshness & inspires long hours of summer sipping.
  2. Domaine des Tourelles White has a juicy and mouth-watering taste . Enjoy it with a variety of Mediterranean nibbles from Lebanese Mezze to Spanish tapas.
  3. Domaine des Tourelles Red : A wine with minimal intervention, a true expression of the Bekaa Valley, the juxtaposition of ripe dark fruit against a vibrant juicy core reflects the hot, dry days and cool nights of the valley.
  4. Vielles Vignes Cinsault (100%)… Cinsault has been farmed in the Bekaa Valley since the mid-19th century before ceding the way to new imported varieties. In 2014, Domaine des Tourelles decided to revive this grape by searching out very old Cinsault vines, over 50 years of age. The result is a supple wine that beautifully reflects the terroir of the Bekaa Valley, with an ageing potential of several years.
  5. Vielles Vigne Carignan (100% ) is the newest Project from Faouzi. Carignan is the most ancient grape growing in the Bekaa valley and is proving to be a variety in full harmony with the  Lebanese terroir. It is a wine to be drunk young, it is fresh and full of red fruits, spices and liquorice – with poultry and roasted vegetables it’s heaven!

You can shop them all here.

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