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‘Wine in the Time of Covid-19’

It has been back to the future for Muriel and Borough Wines these last few months.

The story started at Borough Market in 2002 with our straight from the barrel, fill your own bottle concept. In those days you could hear the clinking of wine bottles up and down the street as people came in and out for top-ups.

Our business was good for the environment and highly accessible for customers. It was also good for the community and helped us compete with the supermarkets in a modern “David and Goliath” story, albeit with less blood and more wine! We were one of the first to introduce smaller, independent producers who offer unique and interesting wines with real provenance. Many are certified organic, vegan & sustainable with natural, biodynamic wines featuring heavily.

We remain a small business with big ideas. And we have been at the forefront of change in the drinks industry since the beginning. Our original low key, accessible style and focus on small independent wineries fed through to our more recent pioneering wine on tap projects and we are now the only provider of refillable kegs in the UK.

In more recent times we have tackled the wholesale market as a service and solutions provider of sustainable wine to restaurants and bars.

But because the bars and restaurants are sadly shuttered, we have returned to our retail roots. Social distancing drives our need to connect and our Sommeliers’ live tasting sessions are about just that for customers. We are also offering out of work sommeliers a way to express themselves in dark times.

Never has the expression “Remember where you came from,” meant so much to us. Our employees have been incredible and there is no greater satisfaction for them than making customers happy.

Thanks to the support of our community we’ve been able to keep the team together and we will get through this crisis one bottle at a time.

Sustainability has been our leitmotif since the beginning; to us it’s not just as a buzz word. It is at the core of how we relate to our staff, customers, suppliers and backers.

When you buy from us, you are not just buying a bottle, you are also buying into our dream of a more sustainable world where we all fit in.

All for One and One for All – from the bottom of our bottles from us to you.