As 2020 finally draws to an end, we wanted to say a huge thank you to every single customer who has supported us through this year of years. Every refill, every mulled wine and every bottle you’ve chosen to buy from us has kept us going. We hope they’ve brought you some good times along the way! 

We can look back on this year with a massive sense of pride; our amazing hardworking staff: serving you at our shops, filling keg after keg at our warehouse and innovating and creating at our HQ. We connected with sommeliers who had been left adrift by the closure of hospitality venues, bringing our Online Wine Tasting ‘Somm Sessions’ to public and corporate customers in the U.K. and beyond. We also took our biggest step forwards yet in our sustainability journey, launching our unique Bottle Return scheme and expanding our Wine-on-Tap offering with our wholesale arm Sustainable Wine Solutions. We refuse to let 2020 just be the year of COVID-19. For us it will be the hard fought foundation for a new decade and future, where we will champion and provide sustainable, quality wine that quite literally doesn’t cost the earth.

Signing off with a little story time…

Last week, at our mulled wine bar in our Borough Market shop, a customer told us about a family tradition. Every year, her mum would travel from Australia to the U.K. so they could celebrate Christmas as a family. They’d gather a feast from Borough Market and top it off with a glass of our famous mulled wine. This year, 9000 miles and COVID restrictions kept them apart – but a WhatsApped photo of a steaming mulled wine with ‘wish you were here’ soon pinged back with love and wishes for a Merry Christmas – and a hello to us at the shop! So many Christmas traditions have been put on hold this year, but with a good glass of wine and a message to the ones we love, we can remind ourselves that this too will pass. We will be waiting to chink glasses when this is all behind us. 

We’ll leave you with the words of Tim Minchin, author of one of our favourite Christmas songs ‘ Drinking White Wine in the Sun’, which puts it better than we ever could:

“And if, my baby girl

When you’re twenty-one or thirty-one

And Christmas comes around

And you find yourself nine thousand miles from home

You’ll know what ever comes

Your brother and sister and me and your mum

Will be waiting for you in the sun

When Christmas comes…

Darling whenever you come

We’ll be waiting for you in the sun”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.