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Events at Borough Wines

We regularly host tasting, dining events and masterclasses on everything from beer brewing to wine blending and cocktail concoction. You’ll find details of all our upcoming events here.

Interested in something more intimate? Talk to us about organising your own bespoke events (prices start from £20 per person).

Events at Borough Wines

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Looking for the perfect present, office outing or civilised stag? Our bespoke events are great for all kinds of groups – from work colleagues or new clients, to old friends. We offer three different styles of tasting and each works well for different occasions:

Our Technical Tastings are perfect for those who want to learn something new or brush up on their bottle knowledge, whether it’s Bordeaux, bubbly or beer.

Is getting to know each other just as important as getting to grips with what’s in your glass? Our informal Guided Drinking sessions are great for groups who want to sip, chat and learn something all at the same time.

Our Hands-on Drinking sessions are for the more intrepid imbibers. From brewing to blending, muddling to miming – these require active participation and are great for team-building.

Technical Tastings

Barley to Beer – from £22 per person*

Between Lager and Sour Beer lies a world of difference. Where does this variety come from? Why don’t they drink ale in Spain? What are hops anyway? Find out the answers to these questions and more at this guided tasting of six very different beers.

Introduction to Wine Tasting – from £25 per person*

This introductory session takes you through the basics, including how to taste wine, top regions and how to recognise common grapes. Six wines, two hours, zero twaddle!

Bubbles – from £33 per person*

From Champagne to the rise of English Sparkling Wine – fizz never goes out of fashion. This tasting explores sparkling wines from around the world – how they are made and how best to enjoy them.

Tour de France – from £36 per person*

This is a spirited sprint through the classic wine regions of France. Learn to tell your Bordeaux from your Burgundy and uncover some lesser known Gallic gems in the process.

Guided Drinking

Lager London – from £20 per person*

London is home to a staggering array of fascinating lagers. Hear some of their stories and learn how they are made in this relaxed tour of a city through its beer.

Judgement of Paris: Old World vs New World – from £25 per person*

In 1976, premium Californian wines made headlines when they “beat” French wines at a blind tasting, now known as the 'Judgement of Paris'. In this tasting, we revisit the old rivalry and taste some favourite French and US bottles side-by-side. Explore the differences and decide for yourself between the "Old" and "New" Worlds of wine.

Wine & Chocolate Sharing – from £29 per person*

Can anything beat proper chocolate and brilliant wine? In this session we explore the surprising similarities between wine and chocolate production, before enjoying some favourite bar and bottle pairings.

Hands–on Drinking

Flavoured Beer Masterclass – from £24 per person*

It’s easier than you think to infuse a beer with fruit and flavourings – but it takes a good palate to produce a pint you’d want to drink! Learn the ABC of making flavoured beer and then have a go at creating your own. Will you be behind the best beer in show?

Wine Blending – from £30 per person*

Release your inner wine maker at this hands-on blending workshop. Learn more about how different grapes can be used to shape the character of a finished wine, then use your new-found knowledge to blend your very own cuvée. Will your wine triumph when it’s tasting time?

L’Apéritif Cocktail Session – from £32 per person*

A drink before dinner? Something refreshing to whet the appetite? You’ll make three delicious aperitifs and take a look at cocktail culture. Who knows, maybe a career as a bartender awaits…

Brew your own beer at the Brewery Below – from £55 per person*

Join us at the brand-new Brewery Below, for a day of hands–on beer-making. Learn about the processes behind your pint – including boiling the mash and setting the yeast – before crafting your very own brew under our brewer's watchful eye. Your beer will be ready two weeks after your session.

There will be breaks during the day, when you are welcome to use our meeting/event space. This makes it an ideal choice for conferences and retreats, looking to balance work and play. Alternatively, we can arrange a beer tasting for your party during the down time, or simply keep you topped-up with beer and arrange lunch or snacks.

Our events are devised and delivered by experts from the worlds of wine, beer and spirits. With years of experience producing, serving and studying booze between them, they are the ideal guides for an evening of constructive consumption.

Read more about our venues below...

Our Venues

Borough Wines & Beers Essex Rd. & The Brewery Below (N1)

344A Essex Road, London N1 3PD
Nearest Stations: Angel, Essex Rd., Highbury & Islington

Housed in a subterranean bank vault and the home of the Brewery Below, this is a unique spot for a tasting, meeting or team-building day. Capacity is 20-25 seated and more for standing events.

Borough Wines & Beers Turnham Green (W4)

51 Turnham Green Terrace, London W4 1RP
Nearest Stations: Turnham Green

Our newest shop houses a brilliant basement tasting room which is ideal for gatherings of up to 12 people. It's also perfectly placed, just three minutes walk from the tube and with lots of excellent dining options close by.

Borough Wines & Beers Kensal Rise (NW10)

30 Station Terrace, London, NW10 5RP
Nearest Stations: Kensal Rise, Kensal Green, Queens Park

Our West London outpost is the biggest BW&B shop. Housed in a former fireplace showroom, it comes complete with a wood-burning stove, making it a truly atmospheric spot for tastings and supper clubs. Capacity is 21 for seated events.

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