Somm. Selects – George

About George

My aunt is a producer in Portugal, so wine has been an interest of mine throughout my life, but only recently has it become a lifetime ambition. Last summer, after 6 years of engineering consultancy, I decided to start on the path to becoming a Winemaker! Since then I have completed my WSET level 2, attended a Principles of Winemaking course at Plumpton College, spent 2 weeks on a vindima (vintage) in Portugal and am currently undertaking my WSET level 3.

At Borough Wines, as Retail Manager and Kegging Quality Control Manager, I now divide my time between the shops and the warehouse. In the shops, I can taste and learn more about the great wines that we have in store from around the world. In the warehouse I can use my engineering background to improve our kegging procedures and implement my new winemaker’s knowledge.

The best of both worlds and far more exciting than consultancy! Watch this space and keep an eye out for my name on your bottles in a couple of years time!

George’s Wine List