"We used the Borough Wines mobile bar at our pop up theatre in Stoke Newington. The space, time and energy saved made a big difference to our service and overall customer experience. We were so glad to not have to use glass bottles. The quality of wine was fantastic and we had great feedback. We would definitely recommend and look forward to using it again in the future."

Sam Curtis Lindsay

Co-Artistic Director

Hackney Showroom


"Since partnering with Borough Wines we've introduced an amazing array of sustainable Vegan and Organic wines to the Rio's loyal customers, and in the past 6 months we have loved working with them to complete the process of sustainability and great quality by installing a full line of Borough Wines on tap in our new Ludski Bar."

Tim Stevens

Rio Cinema


"We started working with Borough wines in our first store 7 years ago and were keen on the idea of the wine kegerator from the moment it was suggested. It has been a huge seller point both in terms of it’s ideology and it’s impressive display for all our new stores going forward. Our customers are always looking for ways to reduce on single use packaging making refilling beverages a huge growing industry particularly in the past few years. This is a huge bonus for us, but they also maintain a great quality product that our customers are always happy to return for."

Andrew MC Donogh

Group Buyer

Eat 17


"Sustainability is built into Shambala's DNA and it's incredibly important to us to reduce waste and emissions wherever possible. This is why we were very excited to start working with Borough Wine Imports last year, who offer the most sustainable solution currently possible to wine sourcing. The wine is shipped in tanks from Europe which circumvents the bottling process - saving a huge amount of energy! Once it gets to the UK, it's transferred into reusable kegs and then dispensed through taps into our reusable festival cups. It's a total win win, and a perfect match with our values as an organisation."

Becka Whiteley

Marketing Manager

Shambala Festival


"We started working with Borough Wines for their innovative approach as we were looking for a partner for our sustainable restaurant Island Grill. Wines on tap is still the most sustainable solution in the market – and our best seller on the menu! Our guests love the wine and quality of it, we love knowing every biodegradable wine bag saves 32 glass bottles. Borough Wines supported us along the way and continue to do so."

Inga Zubaviciute

F&B Office Manager

Royal Lancaster


"18 months ago we chose Borough Wines as our supplier for the bar in our new theatre in Stoke Newington. Our aim was to supply a top notch range of wines with the minimum of waste and recycling. Job done! No piled-up cases of wines taking up storage space, No huge bags of noisy clanking empty bottles and great feedback from our customers. What’s not to like?"

Sarah Ley

Tower Theatre


"Our customers love our house red, white and rose wines on tap from Borough Wines. Through using refillable bottles, the discerning wine connoisseur is able to enjoy finer wine, protect the environment and save money. What’s not to like?"

Chris Church

General Manager

Foodies Emporium


"We had a huge rethink of our entire drinks menu last year. We wanted to go more organic, more recyclable, more responsible, and more local - whilst not compromising on quality! The switch to Borough Wines was a huge part of this. Excellent quality organic wines that come in reusable kegs?!! What's not to love??? (The tasting session we had with your team was also a big plus for our head of finance...)."

Jill Rutland

PR & Marketing Manager

Four Hundred Rabbits


"We absolutely loved working with Borough Wines for our festival, Fire in the Mountain. Our event aims to be super environmentally friendly in so many ways, and it was perfect to have wine served straight out of re-usable kegs into our metal cups! the choice of wine was fantastic, the quality ideal, and the customer service and back-end staff a dream to work with. Everything arrived on pallets, and went back empty! Yum!"

Joe Buirski


Fire in the Mountain Festival


"Being so close to the sea front in Margate, part of our Sun Deck ethos is to be environmentally conscientious. One of the main reasons we chose Borough Wines (not only because they are absolutely fab to work with, with a delicious selection and we enjoyed being invited to try them all!) is the fact that we could reduce our glass waste on site and have the novelty of selling wines per refillable bottle meant that to our customers, we were being noticeably environmentally conscious too."

Jodie Ellena

The Sun Deck