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Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 2015


Dry, lemon-green white from Ancona, subtle, structured with citrus and almond notes.

Region: Italy
Sub Region: Marche
Colour: White
Style: Light & Aromatic
Grapes: Verdicchio
Blend: Verdicchio
Alcohol: 13
Producer Information: Lucchetti is a third generation winemaking family growing vines in the Ancona province not far from the Adriatic coast. Cold in winter but blessed with sunshine and warmth in the summer - great conditions for ripe, flavoursome grapes.
Tasting Note: The grape name 'Verdicchio' indicates a green colour of grape when ripe and this transfers through to good structure and acid balance in the finished wine. Dry, the wine has finely chiselled lemon and bitter almond notes. Delicate and delicious.
Price Range: Between £10-15

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