English Wines Micro Case



To celebrate English Wine Week we created this brilliant English Wine Micro-Case, which is excellent value for English Wines. Not only are they wines to delight in, they are wines to be proud of, as the quality of English Wine right now is great and it keeps getting better with the growing number of English producers. In the U.K. and at Borough Wines, we love to champion the underdog and these sometimes new and sometimes old independent producers are worth supporting. Let’s toast to English winemakers who connect us to the land we live on, reduce food miles and create rather delicious wine!

The English Vine’s Number 1 2019 | Bacchus blend | Essex | England
Lyme Bay Shoreline 2018 | Bacchus, Seyval Blanc, Reichensteiner | Devon | England
Camel Valley Atlantic Dry 2018 | Pinot Blanc, Bacchus | Cornwall | England
New Hall Purlai Red 2017 | Schonburg and Acolon | Essex | England
Sharpham Pinot Noir 2018 | Pinot Noir | Devon | England
Blackbook Little Wonder 2018 | Cabernet Noir | London | England

  • Weight: 2 kg

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