France | Roussillon | Domaine Sous la Montagne: Vin d’Altitude 2017




Translucent dark purple.
The nose combines glamour and elegance, with notes of black cherry jam, blackberry cream, incense and sweet spices.
The mouth is slender, whilst deploying a dense, velvety and envelopping matter with tannins that start to show. They are still gaining power in a fresh and expressive finish, with intense black cherry and spicy cocoa that eventually take
Pairing: Nothing better than with a nice cut of red meat.
Serve at 16°C
Aging potential: 4 to 5 years
Terroir: 3 different geographical locations
33% La Garrigue:
Slopes widening from 164 to 328 feet from West to
East, over a length of 1969 feet. Exposed SSE to SSW. Granitic and clay ground, at an altitude of between 623 and 689 feet, a slope of between 4 and 10%.
42% Les Dolmens:
Hillsides skirting a granite ridge of 656 feet wide and 656 feet long. Exposed mainly South. Granitic ground, at a altitude of between 1214 and 1312 feet, a slope of between 6 and 10%.
25% Le Camps de l’Argent:
Slopes of 66 feet wide in the shape of a horseshoe, over a length of 2297 feet. Exposed East to West. Granitic and clay ground, at an altitude of between 984 and 1083 feet, a slope of between 6 and 10%.
The Dolmens, the Garrigue and the Camps de l’Argent
grapes are vinified separately.
Harvesting is completely manual, between 6614lbs and 9921lbs per day, the healthy grapes are directly sorted from the others in the vines before
transportation to the cellar as soon as the harvest reaches 3307lbs to avoid damaging them, sorted once again upon arrival at the cellar.
La Garrigue and Camp de l’Argent:
The grapes are vinified destemmed, extraction by load shedding at the beginning of fermentation, then by infusing the marc during the middle of fermentation; no reassembly, nor pigeage, nor shedding.
Les Dolmens:
100% are vinified whole harvest. One pumping over
process per day to wet the whole bunches only 25hl of Grenache is vinified destemmed.
For each of the 3 different locations, once fermentation is complete, juices and presses are assembled. When the wines have finished with the sugar, they are assembled for Malo.
Yield: 31hl/ha
Maturing: In concrete tanks with a minimum of lees.

  • Weight: 1 kg

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